International decentralized non-profit educational organization CryptoChicks is inviting youth to join our fun event – CryptoChicks Bahamas Blockchain Hackathon.

We invite youth to learn Blockchain technology from a business and technical prospective.  Beginners are welcome to register!

        Learn with CryptoChicks and our sponsor BlockGeeks :

    • Introduction to CryptoEconomics
    • Introduction to Ethereum and Bitcoin
    • Tokens on blockchain
    • Smart Contracts
    • How to develop decentralized application on Ethereum
    • ERC20, ERC 827 and ERC 721 tokens
    • Basic Solidity course
    • Ethereum for Microsoft .Net Developers
    • How to run your own ICO using ERC20 token
    • How to design effective cryptoeconomics token models
    • How to program using different blockchain technologies and eco-systems
    • How to design and build your own blockchain business
    • Challenges and roadblocks in current blockchain techologies

    Curious about what to expect? Watch a video of our previous event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0uZCSUugaY&feature=youtu.be

    All registered hackers will have free access to our educational program sponsored by BlockGeeks

    We invite experienced Software Developers to help our hackers learn how to code

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    Support the education of youth in The Bahamas through primary access to talented Blockchain developers.

     Run an educational workshop for our learners and tell them about your business.

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    Our Presenters

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    Hamid Bhatti
    Alexis Bethel
    Bobby Chen
    Matt Arnett
    Stefen E Deleveaux

    Hackathon Information

    Blog posts to help you prepare for our event

    What is a Hackathon?

    What is a Hackathon? CryptoChicks’ Hackathon provides a unique opportunity to get in-depth online blockchain technology education a few months prior to the hackathon from our sponsor BlockGeeks.com, as well as mentorship and practical help Read more…

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    Bahamas - Felix Stubbs: +242-424-6163